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Computer Use

How do I log on to an Internet computer?

You’ll need a valid Clifton Library card and PIN or a card and PIN from another participating library. Visitors may obtain a one-day guest pass by presenting acceptable ID.

Do you have to pay to use the Internet?

No. The Library does not charge a usage fee. (If you need to use a website that requires a subscription, that is your own choice.)

How long can I use it for?

Everyone gets at least 1 hour on the adult computers. If no one is waiting, you can have extra time. If it is busy, you may need to wait for more time.

Can I reserve a certain time?

No. Computers are assigned on an immediate basis.

Can I reserve a specific computer?

No. If it’s not busy you can choose where to sit. If it is busy, you will be assigned the next available computer.

What time of day is not busy?

In these times of heavy library usage, it has become unpredictable. Saturday and Sunday afternoons and late afternoon/early evening during weekdays tend to be most crowded.

Can I print?

Yes. Black and white printing is $.10 per page, and color is $.25 per page. The payment acceptor takes nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar bills. (Please bring smaller bills; the Library cannot always change large denominations.)

Can I save my work?

You can bring in a USB (“flash”) drive to save your work. USBs are also available for purchase at the Circulation Desk. Due to security settings on the public computers, you will not be able to save to the C (“hard”) drive.

Can children use the Internet?

Yes, with initial permission signed by a parent or legal guardian. Just as with library cards, there are three levels of Internet access: Children’s, Young Adult, and Adult.

Do you have wireless access for laptop users?

Yes. Ask a Reference Librarian how you can connect.

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